|the mission|

alexx makes dances is the collaborative vehicle for the vision of interdisciplinary movement artist and artistic director Alexx Shilling, creating site-adaptable, live and filmic dancescapes that invigorate memory and investigate transformation.  First established as a collaborative company with Ann Robideaux in 2004, alexx makes dances is the Los Angeles continuation by director/choreographer/filmmaker Alexx Shilling.

Shilling prioritizes the body as her primary research site, utilizing improvisation as both a generative tool and a performance practice. Each work yields its own unique process that includes thematic research and active engagement with cameras, costume and material objects, sound and site/place, resulting in an integrated bricolage of multiple logics existing at once, a new logic, forms yet unseen.

|the movement|

The result of Shilling’s dedication to the exploration of space and transformation has manifested in “movements” of collaboration both in company and solo forms:

ann and alexx make dances (2004 – 2010)
Along with Ann Robideaux, Shilling created performance and installations at sites with complex histories. Together, ann and alexx developed a working method for engaging with architecture and location involving on-site improvisation, archival research and collaboration.

FIELDSHIFT | FURTHER (2011 – 2014)
Along with visionary artist-activist Quintan Ana Wikswo, Shilling co-founded the interdisciplinary company FIELDSHIFT | FURTHER. Through highly collaborative team work, the company creates original site-specific works at locations where ecological and human rights trauma has taken place. The resulting works are voyages between artists and audiences – opportunities to contemplate, perceive and address the matrix of time, place, and trauma.

alexx makes dances (2002 – )
Hi. I’m Alexx Shilling from New Jersey. This is my dance, my voice, my body.
The thread of inquiry after inquiry can be followed as if tracking oneself on a map. Shilling more intimately brings her embodied history to each project while working with long-term collaborators including Janusz Jaworski, Camilla Maling, Julio Montero, Richard Rivera and Mimi Yin. Each project demands a new process to bring forth new forms.