alexx makes dances

“Shilling is voluptuous, fluid, cascading in her movement. She rises and falls with athletic freedom and a deep sense of physical connectivity.” - Beth Megill, LA Dance Review

alexx shilling

alexx shilling is a movement artist, filmmaker, writer and educator whose deeply collaborative, multidisciplinary performances prioritize the body as the primary research site for invigorating memory and investigating transformation. Her practice leaps between ecstatic expressions of borrowing and becoming, and dances born from ecological fieldwork, often at sites of atrocity. Original works have been presented in New York, Southern California, Germany, Poland, at the American Dance Festival and at numerous film festivals, including Dance on Camera as a recipient of the Works-In-Progress Production Grant. She has received funding from organizations including the California Arts Council, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Center of Cultural Innovation, Asylum Arts and the Foundation for Contemporary Art along with awards including the Wallis Annenberg Helix Fellowship (2016-17), David Shneer New Jewish Culture Grant, and the CHIME Mentorship Grant. As a performer, Shilling has worked with numerous choreographers including Victoria Marks (2010-2021), Richard Rivera/Physual (2002-2010), Alan Danielson, Artichoke Dance, Laurel Jenkins, Ros Warby, Ariane Anthony, Alison D’Amato, Rebecca Pappas, Kevin Williamson, DaEun Jung, Christine Suarez, Mimi Yin and Sarah Leddy. Currently, she is dancing with NUUM Collective and in works by choreographers Keith Johnson and Kendra Portier/BAND. 

As a teacher, she has held positions at Loyola Marymount University, Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, The Wooden Floor and Peridance. Shilling co-founded the popular Los Angeles-based dance series, Hi, Solo, the Gold Collective and Gold Series. With Quintan Wikswo, she co-directed the interdisciplinary company FIELDSHIFT | FURTHER (Los Angeles and New York, 2011-2015) and with Ann Robideaux, the site-specific dance company ann and alexx make dances (New York, 2004-2010). Shilling received her MFA in Choreography from UCLA’s Department of World Arts & Culture/Dance, Bachelor’s degree in Dance from Skidmore College and is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Fleming Technique and Open Source Forms teacher. She values her ongoing collaborative processes with movement artists Laurel Jenkins, Daniel Miramontes, Sarah Leddy, and Mimi Yin, filmmaker and photographer Taso Papadakis, and musician/composer Julio Montero. Shilling is currently on faculty at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.



Nothing There There (Topography)

An embodied timespace-travelogue through Yiddishland with four dancers and a live sound score.

Nothing There There is about getting swallowed by borderlands, moss, lush forest. It’s about finding the past through the body. Time travelers become previous inhabitants of the land, emerge from the land, take the land with them. Movement, sculptural materials, costume, text and sound are all at play in this ever-shifting landscape of scale, inscribed pathways, borders and languages.

There is a there there.

Nothing There There is a multi-disciplinary dance performance that examines the bodily experience of visiting sites that for 1000 years teemed with Jewish life and Yiddish culture prior to World War II. Challenging the notion that there is “nothing there,” the piece aims to transpose the fragments and feeling states that showed me what was and what is, there. Perhaps we can construct a new, imaginative space for continuation while wondering, what forms will we give to memory?


Concept & Direction: Alexx Shilling

Brought to life by:
 Madison Clark, Daniel Miramontes, Justin Morris and Katelyn Sanchez

Composer/Musician: Zachary Kenefick

Maps & Graphics: Betsy Medvedovsky

Costumes: Maria Garcia

Lighting Design: Derek Jones

Additional choreographic contributions by: Rebecca Bryant and Pedro Jimenez

Premiering June 12 & 13 at Stomping Ground LA

Absence: a History

a suspicious attempt at constructing a past without proof

Absence: a History turns the stage into a laboratory for memory; full of holes,
the ensemble re-constructs photographic images both still and alive in an effort
to re-imagine a fragmented past where absence and loss have reigned in the
choreographer’s post-memory.

Combining “real” events with imagined and interpreted memories, Alexandra makes
us question the validity of our own history by dissecting her post-memories and the
(absence of) stories that preoccupy her own life.

Direction and Choreography: alexx shilling (performing live as VJ)
Brought to life by: Sarah Jacobs, Aaron Kahn, Carol McDowell, Madison Page (2013); Dorothy Dubrule, Sarah Leddy, Carol McDowell and Nguyen Nguyen (2015)
Original Sound: Julio C. Montero, Jr. with Gabriel Ramirez
Super 8 film/video: alexx shilling and Henry Shilling
Approximately 45 minutes

The Other Side of Stillness | Installation

you are the pivot point
we are the dance

the dancers rest, they get tired, but the dance GOES ON.

The Other Side of Stillness is a post-modern relay ritual, a never-ending duet for five or more dancers exploring endurance, replacement and constancy amidst the ancient / future landscape of Wonder Valley, CA.

This dual-channel installation combines delicious movement and rigorous practice with stark portraits of the dancers’ entering or exiting a performance state. In their vivid worksuits and Power Accessories, The Modern Dancers of America are bathed in Jesse Neuman’s dynamic digital and acoustic soundscapes.

Concept, Direction and Editing: alexx ahilling

Director of Photography: Taso Papadakis

Original Sound: Jesse Neuman

Brought to life by The Modern Dancers of America:

Barry Brannum, Alison D’Amato, Laurel Jenkins, Sarah Leddy, Madison Page, Gwyneth Shanks, alexx shilling and devika wickremesinghe 


Pod de Deux Podcast

The Other Side of Stillness at Dance on Camera Festival



In Geveb, A Journal of Yiddish Studies
on Body of Language with Rob Adler Peckerar and David Schneer


New York Times , on The Long Night

by Jennifer Dunning

“A trip off the beaten dance path can be refreshing, especially when the work is as enjoyably unassuming as the program presented by a duo called ann and alexx make dances…”

“…a zany and complete world was created…at the raucous goings-on.” 


LA Dance Review on You Buck, I Plod

by Beth Megill

This piece takes dance to its edge as the audience witnesses the extreme awkwardness of the dancers with their unfettered determination and commitment to the creative and performative process, Dada-ist in its surreal mundanity. It had the audience laughing at loud at these two contrasting movers.” 


LA Dance Chronicle on Be Cool (film) by Jeff Slayton


See Dance on Soft Rise by Jeff Slayton

“Simple pedestrian movements morphed into large, space covering and airborne dance phrases that exposed a wonderful performance chemistry between shilling and Miramontes.” 


See Dance on Rage Walk Rise by Jeff Slayton

“It is a work that quickly draws the audience in with complex shifts of direction and facings, while using elegant movement phrases.” 

“…pulled the audience in to become part of the fabric of the work.” 


See Dance on The Other Side of Stillness | Installation by Jeff Slayton

….the choreography is not the total focus of this film. It is also the dancers’ interaction with the desert, the sun, the mystery of the night and the wind that gives The Other Side of Stillness its beauty.” 


LA Dance Review on Be Cool by Beth Megill

“…process-driven exploration of imagery, body, and personal myth. The result was a journey as open-ended to interpretation as a Murakami novel.”, on Lilac Dances by MacKenize Pause “…one of the most original performances I’ve ever seen.”


Contact Quarterly on The Sun is Over the Yardarm by Brendan McCall

“…a choreography of place…”

“The dance happens around us, inviting us in like secret sharers … Democratizing the relationship between viewer and performer.”


Attitude Magazine on The Sun Is Over the Yardarm by Lori Ortiz

“…here the choreographer’s poetic and visual sophistication is also revealed. Much of the dance is multi-directional and this is quite exciting. Our view is as choreographed as the dance. We are so close. … The subtle visual poetry and unexpected twists and turns of The Sun Is Over the Yardarm make it seaworthy, and the eerie ghosts of the ship linger.”

“…quick and purposeful dancing.”


David Shneer New Yiddish Culture Grant, Yiddishkayt (2020)

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Covid-19 Emergency Grant (2020)

Artists in Communities Grant, California Arts Council (2019)

Archive Transformed Residency, CU Boulder (2019)

Asylum Arts Grant (2018)

PAM Residency, Los Angeles, CA (2017)

Wallis Annenberg HELIX Fellowship (2016-17)

Dance Film Association Production Grant (2015)

CHIME Mentorship Grant with Bob Een (2015)

Residency at Millay Colony; Austerlitz, NY (2013)

Residency at Ebenbökhaus; Pasing, Germany (2013)

Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI)’s ARC Grant (2013)

Forti Family Scholarship for Improvisation (2011, 2012)

Mo and Evelyn Ostin Performing Arts Award (2012)

Elaine Krown Klein Fine Arts Scholarship (2011)

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s MCAF Grant (2005)