Event Details

This event finished on 30 March 2019

On View: March 8 – 31

Fridays and Saturday beginning at 7pm

Live performances as part of the NEW SHOES Festival begin at 8:30pm

Installation continues post-show


you are the pivot point

we are the dance

the dancers rest, they get tired, but the dance GOES ON.

The Other Side of Stillness
 is a post-modern relay ritual, a never-ending duet for five or more dancers exploring endurance, replacement and constancy amidst the ancient / future landscape of Wonder Valley, CA.

This dual-channel installation combines delicious movement (rigorous practice) with stark portraits of the dancers’ entering or exiting a performance state. In their vivid worksuits and Power Accessories, The Modern Dancers of America are accompanied by any one of twenty-five record albums chosen by the audience.

Concept, Direction and Editing: Alexx Shilling / alexx makes dances
Director of Photography: Taso Papadakis
Sound Design by the audience

Brought to life by The Modern Dancers of America:
Barry Brannum
Alison D’Amato
Laurel Jenkins
Sarah Leddy
Madison Page
Gwyneth Shanks
Alexx Shilling
Devika Wickremesinghe

GALLERY: Alexx Shilling | alexx makes dances – The Other Side of Stillness