Culture Lab: Truth

an interactive, mixed-media art installation and performance piece
created by Brendan Eder, Andrea Hodos, Besty Medvedovsky,
and Alexx Shilling

Drawing on both current events as well as stories from the Jewish tradition, the piece plays with what it means to experience events and to know them as true, whether it is directly or through second or third-hand knowledge. In a time of fake news, quickly disseminated rumors and growing questioning of any mainstream narrative, Culture Lab: Truth asks, “How can you discern what the truth is?”

The Box @ SIJCC | 1110 Bates Ave, Los Angeles 90029

Wednesday, June 28th
6-8pm | Preview

Thursday, June 29th
7-10pm | Opening, Artist Talk

Friday, June 30th

11am-1pm | Kids & Families Workshop
7-10pm | Closing


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