Event Details

The inaugural entry of the MOTION CAPTURE series; created & programmed by Patrick Kennelly & Alexx Shilling.

JANUARY 18, 2019



The series features new video works with a Strong Movement/Dance/Body-based Component and a Strong artistic voice, encompassing modern, postmodern, contemporary, experimental, music video, narrative, or Hybrid in nature.

This is also the debut event as part of Highways new film programming. The performance space has been retrofitted as a dual-film screening venue with high-end projector, erected screen, 5.1 surround sound, and capability to project works @ Blu-Ray quality and up to 4k resolution.

Artists include:
Claudia Borgna
Rose Carr
Carolina Caycedo & Marina Magalhães
Cuñao & Cuerva Urban Folklorico
Ann Glaviano / Christopher Givens
Caroline Haydon / Katherine Helen Fisher
Paris Hurley + OAS / Megan Fowler-Hurst
Shon Kim
Sarah Prinz
Gwynn Shanks
Justin Streichman
Alice Sun
Steph-Marie Szenasi