Event Details

This event finished on 21 January 2017

Carol McDowell performs the original solo Be Cool

Choreographed by Alexx Shilling in collaboration with Carol McDowell


Friday + Saturday, January 20 + 21 @ 8.30pm
$20 general admission / $15 members, students, seniors

as part of Carol McDowell & Liz Hoefner Adamis’




In concert, Liz Hoefner Adamis and Carol McDowell join forces to conjure, remix, and create dance works for the present. With choreographic voices that reference different American modern dance generations, they move forward as artists on their own paths of liberation while acknowledging the plans that have gone awry along the way.

Liz Hoefner Adamis/Immediate Action Dance will present works that deal with today’s political climate while referencing dance and politics of the past. In Enter Lenin! Hoefner Adamis imagines what may or may not have happened if Vladimir Lenin (Bolshevik party leader and Russian Communist revolutionary) had entered the Cabaret Voltaire (birthplace of the Dada art movement) while in Zürich in 1916. Enter Lenin! uses a cast of 7 dancers/actors, to loosely imagine the melding of Tzara and Lenin’s influence and how this might be currently related to today’s political climate. This highly satirical dance theatre piece is performed by and in collaboration with Liz Hoefner Adamis, Anthony Angellano, Sinnamon Hauser, Israel Henry, Vannia Ibarguen, Paula Present and Shoji Yamasaki.  Other dancers appearing in Hoefner Adamis’ work include Kelly Dunn, Shannon Lew, Alexandra Oliver and Jeremiah Peoples. The Dance Company Liz Hoefner Adamis/Immediate Action Dance was formed in 2014 with the intention of making dance works that illuminate, question and investigate aspects of human rights issues nationally and internationally.

This evening of dances will include two solos created for Carol McDowell by Alexx Shilling, “Be Cool,” and Kevin Williamson, “Formal (portrait).” McDowell will also present a remixed dance score, “Noetic gestures, romantic histories, and body ballads,” performed by guest artists Carmela Hermann, Jennifer Hong, Rachel Lopez, Ilaan Egeland Mazzini, Dana Penenberg, Alexx Shilling, Devika Wickremesinghe, and Shelley Wilcox Williams.