Below the Metal, Skin

Video Still:Skye MacLeod
Photo Credit: Wilhem Philpot

Below the Metal, Skin (2011-12)

A film installation by ann and alexx make dances

3 channels: 2 projectors, 1 monitor, 3 sound sources

Direction and Choreography: Ann Robideaux and Alexandra Shilling

Brought to life by: Alberto Denis and Heather Hoffman

Videography: Skye MacLeod and Ann Robideaux

Editing: Alexandra Shilling

Sound: Camilla Maling

Costumes: Elizabeth Dran

Make-Up: Kathryn Shearing

Running Time: 15 minutes or Infinite

Filmed on location aboard the Tender “Lilac” Steamship, Hudson River, NY

In the belly of a machine (ship), a man and woman appear to have grown out of the mechanism, operating its parts in repetition and maneuvering through unwelcoming spaces.The piece utilizes both site and movement to explore dualities: human and machine, skin and metal, task and pleasure, water and steel.  We transpose site onto a blank space, inviting an audience to relocate to this re-imagined world.

Performance Engagements:

Moviehouse at Third Ward, Brooklyn, January 2012

Oklahoma Dance Film Festival, September 2013

homeLA El Serreno, Los Angeles, March 2014