Four Strategies for Filing

VIER ARTEN ZU AKTEN ZU LEGEN / FOUR METHODS FOR FILING / A new performance work by Fieldshift Further.
A woman discovers a box of hair in the archives of the Viennese ethnography museum.
Concept, text, film, and performance by Quintan Ana Wikswo.
Choreography, movement and performance by Alexx Shilling.
Music composed and performed by Arthur Kell.
Wikswo’s text translated into German by Uljana Wolf.
German text performed by Dorothea Seror.
Performed in conjunction with Quintan Ana Wikswo’s solo museum exhibition at the Jewish Museum Munich.


Performance Engagements:

Jüdisches Museum München

July 2013

as part of Quintan Ana Wikswo’s Sonderbauten exhibition