LILAC Dances

Photo Credit: Sion Fullana
Photo Credit: Naomi Ramirez


Performed and created aboard the “Lilac” Steamship as part of the Lilac Preservation Project

Presented with Open House New York 

Direction and Choreography created with Ann Robideaux, 2009

In collaboration with the performers:

Zena Bibler


Lee Sunday Evans

Jessica Herring
Heather Inglis
Janusz Jaworski
Amir Levi

Briana Masson
Kate Patchett
Alexx Shilling
Mimi Yin

Live music by Michelle O’Connor & Matt Applebaum


Aboard the Tender “Lilac” Steamship, New York, May 2009

As part of the annual Open House New York, October 2009


Photo Credit: Naomi Ramirez
Photo Credit: Naomi Ramirez