Film Still: Henry Shilling
Film Still: Janusz Jaworski


slippery memory, sticky memory


a site for memory, a map of memory, a landscape

Lukasa (Luba):  “the long hand” (or claw), is a sophisticated memory device that was created, manipulated and protected by the Bambudye, a once powerful secret society of the Luba.

Central to Luba artistry, lukasa aids memory and the making of histories. Stools, staffs, figures, and complex choreographies complement the lukasa as Luba culture is remembered, produced, and transformed.

Direction and Editing: Alexx Shilling

Filmography: Janusz Jaworski and Henry Shilling

Sound: Julio Montero with sampled fragments


Thank you Polly Roberts


this film is personal in nature and has not been shown formally.